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Kajsa Jonnar, co-founder of Agile Extreme, has a long experience with business development and entrepreneurship.

She has helped multiple companies achieve great packaging, joyful customers, increased sales and superior margins. Kajsa’s key value is to work smart instead of hard since great results cannot happen if you work yourself too hard.

Kajsa’s mantra is: if your dreams don´t scare you they are not big enough, and the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Many companies spend too much time and money on trying to predict the future, wasting both time and money on impossible goals. To Kajsa, dreaming big, working smart and creating the future means working agile through-out the entire business – not just within IT or product development. It also means understanding sales and profit throughout the entire organization and not just making sales the salespeople’s business.

Kajsa loves laughter, smiles and making the best of life. She is a fashionista who loves the outdoors.