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Per-Magnus Skoogh, co-founder of Agile Extreme, has over 25 years’ experience with Agile Transformations making him one the world’s most experienced Agile Leaders. Per-Magnus is the author of the appreciated book Agile for Managers.

He is the Guru of Scaling Agile and bringing home business benefits such as; Faster Delivery, Higher Productivity and Happier Employees.

Per-Magnus is focused on working smart instead of hard. He is also a well known Key note speaker, but most of all he is the guy who really understand value and not just talks about it. He is practical and hands on, making huge impact on people to really understand and practice agility in large corporations and not just talk about it.

He is also the idea creator of Quick Start, our own successfully proven method of Quick-Starting Agile Release Trains. Per-Magnus has a life motto: “Meet all your fears, you will realize there is not much to be really scared of”. He lives his live to the fullest in this way, traveling the world and climbing mountain’s is more fun than walking along a sunny beach according to Per-Magnus.