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Welcome to a practical and hands-on course that teaches you the trade of agile team collaboration and leadership!

You will learn the most important and practical aspects of Agile, including all of Scrum. Unlike traditional Scrum Master courses, the course is extremely practical and also covers agile practices outside of Scrum. This helps you ensure your team performs at a higher level than before. Scrum is a GREAT start, AND there are more great agile practices out there that help you perform even better.

The course gives you the fundamentals to build a winning team and be an exceptionally good Scrum Master. The course is compatible with and rests firmly on internationally established agile frameworks, such as Scrum, XP, SAFe​​®, and DSDM. Foundation is more focused on Scrum, while Advanced introduces other and more advanced agile practices that help you succeed even better.

We follow a natural flow of work and trace a clear chronological path throughout the course. This makes it easier to understand how and when each practice should be used.

Professional Scrum Master 2 certification is included.

  • Agile values & principles
  • A focus on advanced Scrum PLUS a lot of other agile method and practices incl SAFe and more
  • Initiating an agile delivery: visualizing the end game, advanced methods
  • Planning: release (quarter) plans, planning games, SAFe-like team planning, WSJF prioritization, MoSCoW, and more
  • Delivery: more advanced Scrum, advanced refinement, prototyping, innovation practices including Lean Start-Up
  • How to manage Roles: a wider perspective on how to deal with all kinds of roles inside and outside of the team
  • Reporting & Control: a focus on measuring real business value and goal accomplishment
  • And more depending on the questions you ask. Hands-on best practices, the agile Kanban vs Scrum boards, advanced mapping to SAFe®, sprint planning, estimation, agile testing, more fun 
  • … and much more !

After completed course you should be able to:

  • Understand what makes a great high-performing agile team, that can start innovating
  • Lay the foundation to become a much better scrum master than most 
  • Work very well with customers and stakeholder outside the team, including stakeholders “far away”
  • Facilitate advanced agile workshops & events
  • How to measure business value and goal accomplishment that is visible to stakeholders far away
  • Support continuous and relentless improvement, including the delivery pipeline & DevOps implementation
  • Anyone who wants to build next-level higher performing agile teams, while creating a more satisfying place to work
  • Experienced scrum masters, product owners and teams who want more in-depth, practical understanding of what a high-performing agile team does
  • Already certified scrum masters who want to go to the next level with a broader and more practical take on building high-performing teams
  • Line leaders, program managers, project managers and SAFe® Release Train Engineers who want to understand how to support their teams and scrum masters in taking teams to the next level
  • Access to our unique digital learning platform with pre-learning modules and and exam prep kit
  • Some of the most experience trainers in Europe with top rated facilitation skills
  • Detailed course documentation including exercises and suggested solutions, that is also a manual for you when you return to your workplace.
  • Remote learning via virtual classroom
  • Access to a visual online collaboration workspace
  • Scrum User Guide
  • Exam to get Professional Scrum Master I a/o II certification

You know Scrum reasonably well.

Due to the way the course is taught, the course will work even for those that are not super-experienced. However, the basic idea is that you have a firm understanding of basic Scrum and you are well aware of all Scrum values, principles, practices and events. You know Scrum and you want to take the step.

This means we recommend FOUNDATION first if you can. It will work reasonably well for you if you have some Scrum team experience, and it is quite possible to take the courses in reverse order, even though FOUNDATION first is to be recommended.