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Course description

In many organizations, if not most, agile is being done on some kind of level.  As a top executive you know things are going on, you have been briefed and you are fairly convinced that this is the right thing to do.

But how does it affect me, may be the question? Which are the practical implications that will change my job and my calendar? What must I do, that other levels in the organization cannot do, to ensure that business agility delivers on its promises of happier customers, engaged employees, much faster innovation, greatly increased speed and help us win in a more and more competitive business environment?

And yes – there are things you must do, that others cannot, if you want real value from what people call organizational agile and/or business agility.

  • What is business agility?
  • Business agility for increased sales, marketing, branding, customer focus, etc
  • How to bring strategy from ideas to real value much faster
  • How to motivate your organisation in new ways
  • The agile model – teams, trains, portfolios and much more
  • Cadence & rhythm
  • Blocker removal
  • Delegation to middle management
  • Stay on track and increase speed
  • Faster innovation, and the innovation pipeline
  • How to become a better leader, and help others become better leaders too

On a higher level – the top three business agility leadership tools, which are

  1. Clarity of vision and direction. Old truth, with new ways of delivering on it
  2. Know what you need to build or change. There are several strategies, roles, events, calendars, practices, and teams you need to make happen a/or support
  3. Become event driven. You bring strategy to real living life by following the calendar and enabling value through a number of repetitive pre-defined key events

On a more detailed level, the key take-aways from this course are

  • Real business agility. A re-affirmed understanding of what “real” business agility is
  • The business agile model. A rapid walk through of the agile model, in a top executive perspective
  • Personal principles. Seven personal “brought-to-life” top executive principles for you and your role
  • Organizational principles. Seven “brought-to-life” business agility principles for your business and organization
  • What you must do. The most important organizational changes and actions you need to own and drive
  • What you need to support. The most important organizational changes and actions going on around you, that you must support
  • Your personal calendar. A blueprint example of what your yearly, quarterly and monthly calendar should look like
  • Top executives and leaders on any level
  • You, if you want to improve your communication skills with top executives and higher-level businesspeople

Roles that will benefit from an increased understanding of top executive perspectives are:

    • Change leaders
    • Agile coaches or consultants
    • Management consultants
    • Product managers / Chief product owners
    • Program managers
    • Architects
    • Scrum of Scrum Masters / RTE’s
    • And more!

This is a course created with the needs of top executives, management teams and higher-level businesspeople in mind. The course is especially valuable taken by the entire leadership team. The course can be successfully delivered live-online as well as in a purely digital format.

This is a level 2 business agility course, aimed at those that already have some knowledge of innovation, business agility, Scrum and organizational delivery agile such as SAFe®, Less, Disciplined Agile.

The course includes several video-based pre-briefings on expected pre-requisite knowledge, so we’re not leaving you out in the cold if you’re unsure about whether you have the pre-requisites or not.

If you have time, we recommend that you take the level 1 course before this one. Another option is to take the level 1 course after level 2 to reaffirm your knowledge.