In this two-day course your team will learn the most important performance driving aspects of Agile. Unlike traditional Scrum Master courses, this course is focused on the team as a whole. The course is extremely practical and covers several additional agile practices outside of Scrum that will help your team get started faster and perform at a higher level than most teams.

This is our highest rated and longest running team course. Please join us on the agile journey, and put teams in place that deliver real business impact.

The course is based on hundreds of man-years worth of experience and rests firmly on internationally established agile frameworks, such as Lean, Scrum, XP, DSDM Atern and other internationally proven practices.

Unlike most other courses we follow a clear chronological path throughout the course, making it much easier to understand exactly when and how each practice should be used.


Double Your Management Team’s Productivity!

Being a manager and running a management team is becoming increasingly difficult. Not only do you need to deal with day-to-day business, but you are also expected to continuously make organisational change happen on small and large scales — while at the same time pleasing customers, making employees happy and increasing your organisation’s productivity.

If you are starting from scratch, the results of taking Kanban for Management Teams™ – perhaps with a little bit of on-site coaching — will enable your management team to at least double your delivery capability and change your speed.

What Is This About?

Kanban for Management Teams™ is specifically aimed at members of various forms of management teams with supervisory and organisational responsibility. This means your team can be, for example, a:
  • Executive Management Team
  • Line Management Team
  • Change Management Team
  • Project Management Team and more

The Key Value

After taking Kanban for Management Teams™ you will have a complete method and hands-on set-up that you can and will start using the day after the course. The focus of the concept is to set you up to start working with this at once.


Includes this and much more:
  • The best of Lean, Agile, Scrum and more
  • Core Kanban Concepts
  • How to deal with uncertainty, fuzziness, and lack of clarity
  • Going from unclear goals to valuable deliverables
  • Value and Strategy on the Kanban
  • Backlogs, sprints, stand-ups, reviews and much more
  • Metrics
  • Pragmatic and effective stakeholder management
  • Important vs. Urgent and where you need to be
  • Practical Organisational Change
  • Teams and roles
  • Work in Progress Limits, Cycle Time
  • Strategy, goals and metrics
  • The iceberg delivery view
  • Kanban for non-technical work
  • Bottle necks
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • A culture of continuous improvements

Feedback from our customers

  • In two days, we have developed a whole new way of communicating
  • Good setup. Academy—structure—practice
  • The course documentation is in English, and the course can be held in several languages depending on the trainer, including Swedish and English.