The portfolio transformation includes all you need to define your value stream based group of trains, and quick-start the lean-agile portfolio team. The portfolio level covers mind-set and change leadership, portfolio team coaching, agile center of excellence design, creation of lean-agile metrics and much more. A key to success is to ensure the organizational design on all levels is based on the flow of value to customers and stakeholders.

Our portfolio concept includes hands-on practical advice on how to coordinate trains that are closely related. This includes relating to SAFe’s large solution level and deciding how this level is to be used (or not).


In a Nutshell

Ultimately you want to put a portfolio with a 360-degree mandate across everything because you want to optimise the performance of your entire enterprise (portfolio). All things cannot be delegated, and certain deliveries and benefits require focused leadership on a larger scale.

Expected Benefits: 1+1 = 4

The portfolio team enables synergies across multiple units that individual teams and trains cannot accomplish by themselves. Simply put: the improvements you see in agile teams you can now expect to see on enterprise level. You will see more satisfied customers, better business, faster deliveries, higher productivity, happier employees and an overall better organization.

All Things Cannot be Delegated

One of the most important points may be that there are a number of improvements most organizations find that neither trains nor teams have the strength to develop on their own. Many improvements require coordination across the portfolio from both a cost and competence point of view.


1: Portfolio Quick-Start

The Quick Start concept is a key component in our system for rapid and sustainable organizational improvement. This is a tried and proven sequence of events that enable us to redesign and launch an up and running portfolio including management team five to ten times faster than normal. We’re happy to walk this through with you any time.


2: Reap the Benefits

After getting started, we will focus on reaping the benefits by Quick-Starting the remaining trains in the organization. After and parallel to this, the key to long-term success is to ensure we address critical capability areas. Examples of such areas follow below:

  • Change leadership. The portfolio functions both as a center of leadership as well as a guiding coalition of change. There can only be one team that ultimately guides the group of trains, not several.
  • The portfolio team and its local ways of working are key to success. A high performing portfolio team is an agile team that constantly improves both its own as well as the portfolio's ways of working.
  • The agile centre of excellence is the hands-on operative business development unit that supports the portfolio in day-to-day execution of organizational improvement.
  • Measured success. A limited number of both business and delivery focused Lean-Agile metrics are necessary to keep up the momentum. You need the numbers to prove you have happier employees, more profitable products etc.
  • Ways of working, how we do things, strongly influence both cost of production and revenue.
  • Technical speed and excellence is key to success. Rapid deployment pipelines, automatic testing, agile architecture, new ways of working inside and between development and operations (DevOps) are just a few of a number of important topics.
  • Leadership development. Everything stands or falls with leadership. Developing your leaders is critical for success.
  • Business optimisation. If your unit is a business development unit; vision work, strategy, product definition, branding and optimizing sales channels and more are key to business success and continues growth.
  • The bottom line. Last but not least, we ensure we drive these improvements all the way to the strategic and monetary bottom line.