This transformation quick-starts a team, and trains & coaches them to move further up the maturity ladder.


Our Agile Team Quick-Start concept including training, coaching and much more have been used and improved for twenty years and we have seen incredible results with the teams we have worked with including productivity improvements of over 400%. For example metrics, click here. You can expect:

  • Superior margins
  • Joyful customers
  • Great packaging
  • Faster delivery
  • Happier employees
  • Improved sales
  • Higher productivity


1: Team Quick-Start (Quick-Lift-Up)

Agile Team Quick-Start includes backlog creation/re-creation, team (re-)design (if necessary), team-training and certification, PO- and SM-support and ongoing team coaching and refinement. Short term we make sure they become agile and start to work according to the new ways.

All team members are offered to get certified (Certified Scrum & Agile Master) after they have been through team-training. The exam is a way to ensure that everyone have fully understood the change and adopted the new agile ways of working.

For teams that are already formed and agile, we utilized a Quick-Start to the level of performance you desire, also referred to as a Quick-Lift-Up.


2: Reap the Benefits

Quick-start is important, but soon the focus will be to move the teams to become a Delivery Engine you can trust, as soon as possible, and then further up the maturity ladder. Reaping the benefits may include all or a few of the below:

  • Metrics. A high-performing successful team knows its performance exactly.
  • The surrounding organization. Being able to influence and negotiate with its surrounding organization is the hallmark of a mature team.
  • Increased “agilification”. As the team matures up the maturity ladder, it will need to learn more and more agile (and other) practices including functional and technical spiking, evolutionary prototyping and more.
  • Technical speed and technical ways of working. Stakeholder management and planning are great examples of important capabilities of a high-performing team, but it does not end there.
  • Leadership development. Everything stands or falls with leadership and this includes team leadership over both product (product owner) and delivery (scrum master).
  • Better business. If your team is close to the customer, it may be directly responsible for monthly and quarterly profits.
  • Innovation. For those teams that require it, there are many ways to strengthen innovative capabilities and the ability to experiment on the market.