We accelerate your business.

We do this by combining Business Strategy with Organizational Design and Agile Delivery.


This is an event-driven transformation system based on international best practice plus our own unique in-house practices. Our clients regularly tell us they appreciate us for the fact that:

We are fast

A key advantage with Agile Extreme is that we’re fast. What many do in years, we can deliver much faster through the tried and proven AE Climb-It Quickly™, our 7-Step System to Accelerate the Business. This is an event-driven transformation system based on international best practice plus what we know works.

We measure success

The main distinction in how we work is the focus on measured success, meaning that you can prove that what you do works in your organization. This very obvious statement is surprisingly uncommon in knowledge worker organizations.

We are hands-on from day 1

We’re regularly appreciated for knowledge transfer that is practical and useful right away. The focus on integrating theory with practice means your organization can start using a number of techniques and practices immediately.


We “steal” knowledge with pride

We use a number of international best practice frameworks including SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) as well as our own T$O® (The Selling Organization) in combination with books and articles. And, we have many conversations with friends to find the best of the latest. We’re strongly influenced by thought leaders such as Peter Drucker, John Kotter, William Deming as well as more recent stars.

We add knowledge with pride

We have more than twenty years of hands-on experience using Lean & Agile and business strategy in well-known organizations such as Volvo Group, Nordea, Stena Line plus small and quickly growing start-ups. After all these years we know what to add to frameworks such as SAFe® to make them work all the way for you. We know what works in practice and what does not and why that is so.

We have systems

The continuously updated AE Climb-It Quickly™, our 7-Step Transformation System to Accelerate the Business means we have a fast and well working path through all the many great ideas out there. Great ideas that take forever to implement because there is no map are not very useful, and that is why a tried and proven transformation system that makes us fast, is so important.

T$O® - The Selling Organization System

Furthermore, AE Climb-It Quickly is greatly enhanced by our own T$O® (The Selling Organization) system. T$O® ensures we have a customer and sales focus in all we do across the entire organization.


Superior Margins

Volume does not necessarily matter. One-million-dollar Euro sale with a 45% margin is worth much more than a five million dollar Euro sale with a 5% margin. Although this is obvious in this example, far too many organizations primarily push volume when there are many other creative ways to add value to the bottom line.

Joyful Customers

Satisfying customers, internal as well as external, has always been a challenge. Most often someone else will think of better ways to satisfy customers than you. Less than 12% of Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955, exist today, which should be proof enough. The faster the world moves, the faster you must become. An agile iterative approach with your customers is a key to success.

Great Packaging

You can drive your people and your sales force harder than ever, but that will not matter if packaging is not right. Too many organizations are creative on the sales and marketing side, but forget about rethinking packaging and branding.

Faster Delivery

Speed of delivery is not just about your ability to put a product on the market. It is also about your ability to experiment and continuously update the product (or service) that is already on the market. Great companies such as Amazon and Facebook are famous for their ability to update their services up to hundreds of times per day. No matter what business you are in – software, hardware or physical products – you must be fast – whatever fast means for your industry.

Happier Employees

Stressed people are not creative, not fast and not ingenious. Faster delivery and all the other benefits are NOT about pushing your people harder. In fact, it is the other way around. To become faster and create more joyful customers, there must be focus, innovation and happiness in the workplace. Stress is the opposite of speed. What we need is a joyful workplace with teams and individuals with inner drive.

Improved Sales

Sales is often misunderstood to be something that only sales people do. In T$O® (The Selling Organization) everyone is involved in sales in some way. T$O® has a holistic perspective. As an example we don't push sales or marketing if the real problem is packaging. And, we remember that customer service may be our best sales unit.

Higher Productivity

Superior margins in a healthy business require an increase in productivity. This is especially true if you are planning on growing all or part of your business. If double the turnover means double the cost and double the people – you are in for a headache. The focus on higher productivity can be pushed too far. Productivity is not the number one cure that solves all problems, but an important piece of the puzzle in a successful business.


1. Train the Leaders

It is crucial for success that leaders understand the latest and best organizational design patterns as well as the 7-Step System to Accelerate the Business. The training covers both Leading Lean & Agile as well as Leading T$O® (The Selling Organization).

2. Strategize the Accelerated Business Model 1+1=4

Business strategy is important and so is delivery. A great business strategy built on a delivery strategy that does not synchronise with the business is far too common. When we get both to work together, 1+1=4.
We train you in defining your strategies in a way that can be communicated to all of your people, and ensure we are moving towards an improved business model. Everybody (the entire organization) needs to be working towards the same value.

3. Design the Organization

In joint cooperation with you we design the organization for Higher Productivity, Faster Delivery and Happier Employees by changing the structure where needed and placing your people in the right roles.

4. Train the Teams

Everyone needs training to understand the new roles, value streams and concepts that accelerate your business. We train all teams, team-leaders and the key people the teams depend on.

5. Launch it

We launch the new improved organization in one week. You never lose more than one week of production, even for a full re-organization.

6. Drive Home the Benefits

Working in the right way (Agile & T$O®) is one thing. Ensuring the benefits arrive and arrive fast is something else. To ensure this, we build a Drive Home the Benefits concept together with you to ensure there is measured and proven success. Key to success is continuous improvement as well as coaching and training by experienced professionals. We help you maximize the benefits.

7. Prepare for the next Climb

When performance improvements stabilize, it is time for the next climb!
Climbing up the business agile maturity mountain requires much more than traditional team agile. There is no real business agility until we fully unite agile delivery with sales and business growth practices that span across the entire business model and enterprise.


Through-out the seven steps we use multiple tools and practices embedded in following seven components:
  1. Agile Team Delivery
  2. Scaled Agile Delivery, such as SAFe®
  3. T$O®, The Selling Organization
  4. Strategy & Business Model Generation
  5. Product Definition & Positioning
  6. Pricing, Branding & Packaging
  7. Marketing & Channel Design
True Business Agility comes from seeing the whole and optimizing the complete package.



Academy of Excellence

We are happy to announce our acquisition of the company Academy of Excellence. Academy of Excellence is Sweden's leading growth program for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers and company leaders. Agile Extreme will continue with the entire Academy of Excellence program offerings and will also extend the offering with cutting edge courses in growth, profitability and self-leadership. Kajsa Jonnar and Per-Magnus Skoogh, owners of Agile Extreme, expresses their expectations now being able to offer Agile Extreme’s clients and partners the best coaches and the best trainers on the market targeting increased profit and better business. Keep an eye on our course calendar for upcoming Academy of Excellence events.